OPDE SOLAR inverter series allow to control photovoltaic plants and to convert energy to the grid into sinusoidal current with low harmonic content. High quality components and sophisticated control algorithms are designed to ensure maximum output power and system reliability. Advanced diagnostic functions support eventual anomalies and the modular design enables quick and easy component replacement. The solar inverter is realised in industrial cabinet solution.
The system is galvanically insulated from the grid through an external, low voltage, grid frequency, three phase transformer.

MODULARITY All OPDE SOLAR inverters can be connected in parallel to grant plant power up to 1 MW.
MAIN SWITCH Integrated AC and DC breaker enable simple isolation of the power inverter
TRANSFORMER (External) With the efficiency optimized isolating transformer, the DC side is decoupled from the potential of the AC side. The earthing of a DC pole – as prescribed for the operation of thin-film modules – is admissible. It is optional for any configuration that requires the connection in parallel of more transformless inverters
DATA COMMUNICATION Via RS485, RS422, Ethernet, Can-Bus, Profibus. Telediagnosis possible
OVERVOLTAGE PROTECTION Built-in overvoltage protectors limit the voltage and prevent failures due to lighting strikes, switching operations and atmospheric disturbances
FILTERS The employed filters in conjunction with dynamic current control produce a line current with a quality that exceeds standard requirements. The current distortion THD is lower than 3%.


  • Power range from 7 kW to 224 kW
  • Turn key solutions for electric cabinets
  • “Maximum Power Point Tracking” control algorithm (MPPT) to get the max power from the photovoltaic plant in any operating condition.
  • Max DC voltage: 880 V
  • Operation at 100% rated power up to +40° temperature
  • Built-in interface protection and general protection device
  • Built-in overcurrent protection