Wind energy is a clean, cheap, inexhaustible natural source based on the exploitation of the air currents in order to generate kinetic energy and transforming it in electric or mechanical energy.
BDF Digital designs and produces static converters for renewable energy applications and, on demand, provides electric cabinets and fully-control system for plants.
Our energy conversion system is based on a configuration made by an inverter that controls the electric generator with high efficiency, and by an Active Front-End unit that generates synchronized voltage to the grid.
AFE converter generates current with power factor equal to one (configurable), and no harmonic distorsions. It controls and regulates the intermediate DC circuit, in relation to the energy produced from the electrical generator.
The wide power range of BDF Digital inverters allows to choose this technology from few kW up to 2 MW.
For a wind energy plant turnkey we collaborate with partner companies in order to propose solutions that satisfy any kind of needs and expectations of our customers.