In Simris: the first energetic island

On 18th October Simris, a little town on the Swedish south-east coast, became the first Energetic Island in Scandinavia.
The main purpose of this project is to create a smart grid with energy produced from renewable sources directly on site, disconnecting the town from the national electricity grid.

The energy comes from a 440kW PV Plant in combination with a 500kW Wind Turbine; the system is integrated and managed by a Energy Storage System which controls the energy variability.

In collaboration with Loccioni Group, we developed a Lithium-Ion Smart Storage System, providing a 800kW battery to Simris Citizens.
We supplied “Italian Technology” to the German and then Swedish group EO.N, that allowed the realization of this project which lays the foundations for a green future independent from fossil fuels.

Leonard Birnbaum, Member of the E.ON Board, states:
“This extraordinary project shows a possible development for the smart grid evolution. With the right technology systems and intelligent solutions, at Simris, today we can demonstrate that the future of decentralized, renewable and reliable energy is possible.”

The innovation implemented in Simris, is part of the European project InterFlex, which aims to develop the technology for the microgrid and to boost the production from renewable energy.

To date, TDE Macno has more than 4MW of installed storages in the world, playing a key role in the development of this technologies.