To meet the demands of modern production environments that require smaller and more flexible machines, MiniOPDE is a drive compact and innovative, with an exceptional range of integrated functions, to high performance, specially studied to help machine designers and system integrators to satisfy all requests.

MiniOPDE is perfect for applications requiring high peak torque and high response speed, ease of use and ease of integration into complex systems.


  • Multi Motor/Generator Drive: Brushless and Field Oriented Control Inverter
  • PLC on the Drive according to the standard IEC-61131-3
  • New regulation board based on floating-point 32 bit Texas DSP
  • Multi Drive System: shared resources between drives
  • High performance drive, coordinated drive system
  • Configuration Tool easy to use: OPD Explorer
  • Application Drive: different applications with download from the Configuration tool
  • Resolver, Encoder, SinCos, Endat
  • Integrated EMC filters (opt.)
  • Internal braking resistor